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My Company Guides is an internationally operating service provider in the area of business consulting, specifically with regard to establishing companies in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Backing My Company Guides is an association of lawyers, notaries public, tax advisers and business consultants who will provide you with comprehensive advice and support before, during and after you establish your corporation. This association of expert professionals guarantees that you will be able to take full advantage of the many benefits that a Company offers. 

What makes us different from the others? We provide you with support even after your corporation has been established. You will receive a full range of important and simply useful additional services that other service providers either can't or don't wish to offer. My Company Guides is not an automated factory for establishing corporations without the possibility of responding to customers' wishes or offering expert advice. We combine expert advice with a range of services that is unique in the industry. Each of our clients has individual goals, and we provide the support you need to help you reach those goals.

My Company Guides offers you the full spectrum of services for establishing your company in Canada, USA, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, England — at affordable prices.